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Functionality through Simplicity


Take a moment to consider the TV remote controller in your house.
There are many buttons which you’ve never actually pushed, right?

While improving functionality is very important, this should not be at the cost of useability.
We have taken great care to give you the functions you need without compromising simplicity of use.
The stripped-back and intuitive interface of tebole means that staff can start using it straight away, with no need to consult a manual. Our guiding priciple from day one has been “simplicity of use”.

Function List

Accepting Reservation Timetable Function You can manage reservations based on booking time. Schedule customers for each individual table easily, improving your turnover.
Table Layout Function Manage reservations based on table layout. You can visually grasp table locations, and better manage your restaurant’s space.
Display Customer Information When you enter a repeat customers phone number or name on the Reservation Display, various information such as the number of prior visits is displayed.
Select Multiple Tables at Once You can select multiple tables in one touch.
Simultaneous Input with Multiple Devices Use multiple devices to simultaneously input data into the system.
Display List of Reservation Display a list of reservations in order of time of visit, useful for observing daily sales at a glance. You can find customer information and verify reservation details immediately.
Display List of Acceptance Histor See your full acceptance history including new acceptance / change / cancellation in order of time of update. You can also refine your list using tags.
Display Visit Status You can change client’s current visit status such as “waiting for visit”,”visited” and “paid” so you can grasp the visit situation in one view.
Easy Table Change You can change two table reservations easily with one touch.
Easy Installation of Web Reservation Page You can set up a web reservation page for each location for free. Installation can be done in 30 seconds at best and you can accept reservation on the web from that moment.
Various Search Functions Search reservation information by Reservation Number, Name of Customer, or Content of Notes.
Customer File Generate real time Customer List A customer file is automatically generated when a reservation is accepted, so you can see a list of customers in real time by displaying customer information in order of the time of visit.
Refine Search Refine your search based on number of visits, customer attributes, or your own keywords.
Export/Import of Client Data You can upload exisiting customer data in CSV format. Also, you can export all customer data in CVS format.
Print/Send Print All Reservations You can print information of all reservations by date.